Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oxford Feminist Network Tackles Anti-Choice Extremism

The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford is being targeted by 40 Days for Life. As well as spreading ignorance about the vital need for abortion in the UK, their presence has also had the positive effect of triggering local pro-choice activity led by the Oxford Feminist Network.

Oxford's Feminist Network's next pro-choice counter-demonstration will be held on Saturday 20 October, 9.30-11.30. Anyone who supports a woman's right to access medical advice and care without harassment is welcome to come along. Sign up on the Facebook Event Page to be kept up to date with details.

Please also write to Andrew Smith (MP for Oxford East) to express your concern about anti-abortion extremists targeting Oxford's main hospital. 40 Days for Life might look harmless, but their delight at seeing sexual health clinics closed down due to their activities shows their contempt for women's health. Elsewhere in the UK, 40DFL have been reported spreading false information, physically blocking the entrance to medical facilities, and harassing women. It is vital to clamp down on clinic protests now before UK abortion clinics and hospitals become unsafe places for patients and staff.

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